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Inspired by Red Ink Rendezvous~ Kendali & Khai






Text Message


Khai: You okay?

Kendali: I am. You?

Khai: I feel fantastic. You are so sweet

Kendali: Am I?

Khai: You are. And you taste like honey. I could eat you all day and night


Khai: I'm serious. I’m feeling you, Lovergirl

Kendali: Lovergirl?

Khai: Yes. You are that

Kendali: You're too sweet Khai and so beautiful

Khai: Ditto Kiddo

Kendali: So you are okay with everything

Khai: Of course. I wanted to be sure you were alright. Was it your first time?

Kendali: A threesome?

Khai: Yeah

Kendali: No. It wasn't.

Khai: Two men before?

Kendali: Yeah. And One man two women

Khai: Two men with man on man?

Kendali: No. Never. My first time with two men, mano a mano

Khai: And you okay?

Kendali: I wouldn't have participated if I wasn't. Actually it was quite beautiful. I've seen it before. Two men, mano a mano with a woman

Khai: Really???

Kendali: Love, I was in the music business okay?!

Khai: Oh yeah. That's right. You've seen it all.

Kendali: Yeah. Too much. Super seedy.

Khai: What happened? What did you see?

Kendali: Way too much too type. That's a whole conversation. Just glad I’m not in it anymore.

Khai: Let's have lunch and you can tell me all about it

Kendali: Okay

Khai: Come by the club later

Kendali: What time?

Khai: Late lunch. After the rush. 130 or 2

Kendali: Okay. See you soon




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