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The Red Ink Romance Collection


He turned to face her. “You didn't tell me your name was Pearl.”

“Is Pearl. My name is Pearl.

“There’s that sass.” He pressed his forehead to hers. “Yeah, well. You didn't tell me.”

She kissed him. “Only my family calls me Pearl. And really, just my Mama and Renee mostly. And my daddy sometimes.”

“Well, you Pearl to me now.” He leaned back on the swing and observed the other equally lovely homes across the street. “Nikki Pearl. My Pearl.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Oh yes! My Black Pearl.”



In this standalone, Nikki Pearl, one of the five Pennington sisters known as Seminole City's Finest, is an aspiring hair stylist growing up in the upper middle class community of Eutaw Gardens. Having dated her share of dope slinging hustlers, she has quit them cold turkey, looking forward to a new life without the concrete warriors.Oh but whoa! Here comes the effervescently smooth Maceo Grant, the rebel middle child of the Grant clan and hood famous street pharmacist, CEO of a lucrative drug empire. She rejects his charms, staves him off for a fleeting moment, and ultimately succumbs to his charismatic power for he is nothing like her past dope boy companions. Yet, he still lives by the street soldier code and is entrenched in a life of crime.


How will they forge their love in spite of this polarization of perspective? How long will it last? What are the passions and pains, tragedies and triumphs that drive them on their journey and found the love between them, the purest Love Supreme?


The Red Ink Romance Collection is a set of standalone novellas inspired by The Red Ink Saga, a two part dramatic series available on

Approximately 160 pages

Supremely Yours, Nikki Pearl & Maceo

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