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The Soul Of A Man Collection


“Okay. Hold that thought for a moment. Come with me.” He extended his hand.
“No way,” she declined, pointing at the people behind her. “I’ll lose my place in line.”
“Forget about that.” Apollo laughed. “I gotchu.”
“You got me?”
“Yeah, for real. Trust somebody. Make a new friend."

Apollo King is an internationally acclaimed spoken word artist and musician, who has decided to heal himself from relationship heartbreak with Dominique, the love of his life, by indulging in a series of trysts—some reckless, some not.

There is Amaya, the consummate ride or die chick who ignites his fire and serves as an infinite wellspring of creative inspiration with her deliciously honey thick good looks, her bright mind, her tenacious ambition, and her nurturing spirit. He truly loves her. She may be The One. There is Innocence, his childhood friend, who he simply adores. She is his sister from another mister, sweet, kind, loving, and “innocent.” She is a virgin, who is secretly carrying a torch for him, hoping to delight in her first sexual experience with her best friend—thee Apollo, King of her heart. Are they willing to risk the beauty of their friendship to fulfill her desires? There is Rain, his infinite muse, a riddle, unpredictable and insatiable. They share a cosmic connection that revolves around the passion for music and poetry. Can he solve her puzzle and unlock the mysteries of Love?

There are too many other fleeting encounters to name. Do these liaisons really heal Apollo’s soul, or is he just breaking hearts and making a mess of his life, reeling in the aftermath of Dominique’s betrayal? Will he heed the advice of his closest friends, Malachi, Kent, Rashad, and Mason, who remind him of the importance of love and warn him that his actions and decisions may prove detrimental for everyone involved? Can he build something special with Amaya, Innocence, Rain, or another one of the feminine forces igniting fires in his world? Can he conjure the courage to choose wisely and who is the wise choice? Does he even want to try love again, or lead his life alone?


Approximately 330 pages

The Song Of A King

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