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The Soul Of A Man Collection


"How? When I want you here." He pressed his mouth onto hers basking in the warmth of their lip frolic.

"Are you sure I won’t be in your way?"

He grabbed her up into his arms and laid her under him. Caressing her face, he commanded, “Stay.” He tasted her cheek. "Be naked with me. Make more love to me."

Malachi Green, a young, handsome multi-millionaire is the operating owner and inheritor of his family’s publishing empire, UniQue Magazine. He is separated from his wife, Diana, a cunning, calculating, bewitchingly, beautiful supermodel who is never satisfied. Amidst scandal, paper chasing, and a treacherous spell of infidelity, Malachi finds himself on a quest for love and happiness as he transitions from an unfruitful marriage to a series of questionable affairs.


To his surprise, he finds what he is searching for right under his nose, his newly promoted managing editor, Salima, who is full of charm, wit, and beauty. The plot twists and turns, addressing the risks of falling in love and the promise that newfound love brings, and the challenges of sustaining that love once it is acquired.


But will the other women, including his estranged wife, Diana, twirling about his world, allow a romance with Salima to blossom? Will the devious intentions of these others overtake the passion brewing between him and Salima and destroy their chances at love forever? This is a passionate tale of what we all crave: a unique love of our own with little or no collateral damage … or so we hope.


Approximately 200 pages


To Love & Love Again

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