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The Soul Of A Man Collection


“Hey, we ain’t hatin’ or discriminatin’." Priest confessed, "Personally, I didn’t know you had it in you."

“I don't. The snow ain't really my thing." He swallowed the liquor and exhaled.

"Word?" Priest inspected Rondell's expression.

"Yeah. I like my women hot, spicy, and Black."


Young, brilliant, sexy Rondell Williams is a marketing agent on a meteoric rise at Mercury Consultants, a premier public relations firm. His talents and entrepreneurial ambition nurtures the founding of his own artist management agency, Encore Entertainment, but causes dissension between him and his soon-to-be-ex-girlfriend, India. As a newly available bachelor, he is thrust into the throes of a passionate partnership with his easy going White coworker, Victoria, which causes him great professional pains and personal tensions. He loves Black women; his loyalties lie with the melanated sistas. But is curiosity killing the cat with the romantic possibilities of his first White girl experience?


Simultaneously, an affair with his former trainee, Carmelita, a spicy Brazilian senorita and Victoria’s friend, starts to sizzle, giving him the soothing heat that every broken heart seeks. And what shall he do about Phoebe, Mercury's most famous client, the sexually adventurous soul singer who has her mind set on experiencing Rondell’s erotic power?Who will he choose? Will he slay his White girl curiosity and pick Victoria? Or will he remain loyal to Black women with Carmelita or Phoebe by his side? Is it possible to rekindle with India, the woman he wanted first?


Ultimately, can Rondell balance his need for love and his passion for music or will his world come crashing down before he can build his empire? Will. He. Find. His. Way?


Approximately 250 pages

Without Knowing My Way

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